Tyness Modular Ewattch - multifunction connected sensor - pulse counting - P100 measurement - optical sensor - voltage measurement - current measurement - modbus - mbus

TyNess Modular

IoT Sensor LoRa® modular and scalable combining several measurement acquisition and control functionalities.

Thanks to its slots for one or 2 additional boards, the Tyness Modular combines many functionalities: modbus, mbus, PT100 temperature measurement, optical sensor measurement, voltage measurement, current measurement, etc…

Modular sensor

Combine up to 2 different measurement functions and compose the sensor perfectly adapted to your needs.

Several modes of communication

Choose from two long-range communication modes: LoRa® or GPRS.

LoRa Gateway

In GPRS mode, your Tyness sensor becomes a LoRa® gateway and centralizes the data from your other Ewattch sensors to transfer them to a server.

Easy configuration

Your sensor is delivered with software for PC & Mac offering you an intuitive configuration interface that can be connected via USB port.


4 PT100 temperature measurement inputs.

Compatible with all PT100 type probes.


2 inputs for connection of optical sensors.


3 current measurement inputs for Rogowski coils.


MBUS interface with: water meters, heat meters, energy meter, gas meters,…


3 current measurement inputs for clip-on current clamps (not provided)


4 analog inputs to retrieve information from 4-20mA or 0-10V sensors.


2 inputs enabling data collection from all meter types with a dry contact pulse output.


2 inputs detecting -24V continuous voltage. Enables pulse counting, state detection or time counting.


2 inputs detecting 12-24V alternating voltage. Enables pulse counting, state detection or time counting.

Capteur modbus - modbus tcp - protocole modbus - modbus rtu - modbus maitre - modbus esclave - interface modbus


ModBus interface enabling communication in master or slave mode.


4 low power relay outputs for simple actions.


2 slots available for additional Ewattch boards


LoRa wireless or GRPS

LoRa Antenna & GPRS

Integrated or external option

Power supply

5VDC to 12VDC external or with external 3.6vdc 19Ah battery pack available depending on the boards

GPRS Gateway

Supports 20 Ewattch sensors


Optional: Magnet / DIN rail/ Wall mount / Double sided tape.
(Waterproof box option available)


142 x 77 x 36 mm (H x L x P)

Operating temperature

From 0°C to + 50°C


EC and RoHs standard certification


TYNESS sensor for connecting up to 2 additional boards. LoRa and LoRaWAN compatible.


Same as above, but with a GPRS module, allowing direct communication with a web platform (e.g. Ewattchcloud or third party platform) without a gateway. The LoRa® module, also integrated, allows the concentration of up to 20 LoRa® wireless sensors from the Ewattch range. (The sensor is then transformed into a LoRa® gateway).

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