Smart Industry

Looking to modernize the activity of your industry?
Our connected solutions help you improve operations and increase the energy performance and competitiveness of your business.

Maîtrisez vos dépenses énergétiques!

Installed in just a few hours, the EWATTCH product range allows you to supervise your entire plant: production of chilled water, production machines, compressed air … and to take back control of your energy expenditures.

Améliorez vos performances!

Our sensors are modular and compatible with all installations. Now you can optimize your production lines to make them more efficient.

Visualisez l'ensemble via EwatchCloud!

Simple and effective, our platform allows you to have an intelligent vision over your factory. We create the analysis tools suited to your machine tools and your team (multi sites, multi users, etc.) so you can start improving your performance.

Products dedicated to Smart Industry solutions

Capteur Tyness Modular - capteur modulaire - capteur évolutif - capteur multifonction - capteur connecté Ewattch


Sensor enabling wireless LoRa communication, existing meters: electricity, gas, water …


LoRa® wireless electrical sub-metering of your building with 12 measuring clamps


Indoor temperature and humidity, with presence detection and brightness measurement.


LoRa® data concentrator to Ethernet and/or GPRS