Smart Building

With Ewattch, transform your premises into a connected building and improve its performance!

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Smart Building - Ewattch - energy performance - smart building - reduction of building costs

Control your operating costs!

Our solution consists of simple tools that are installed in a few hours. You will be able to control your energy consumption and control the effectiveness of your investments.

Compose the IoT architecture that suits you!

LoRa wireless connectivity® allows you to create an architecture perfectly suited to your building. :

* Analyze various consumption items (ventilation, heating, lighting, etc.) by installing a SQUID unit on each floor of your building or in the main electrical panel.

* Measure the hourly range of use for your premises by integrating the AMBIANCE sensor in only a couple minutes in a hallway.

* Monitor CO2 levels in offices, schools, public places…

* Retrieve information from your boiler room by connecting a TYNESS-MBUS to the heat meter.

Bâtiment connecté avec les capteurs Ewattch

Two dashboards at your service!

Wherever you are, you can visualize your data with the most suitable tool:


EwattchCloud is a platform dedicated to Smart Building and energy management. It allows an in-depth reading and understanding of your energy consumption.


EasyBoard, an easy-to-use energy dashboard for end users, allowing for quick understanding of building operations.

Products dedicated to SmartBuilding solutions

Capteur Tyness Modular Ewattch


Sensor enabling wireless LoRa® communication, existing meters: electricity, gas, water …

Squid Ewattch sensor - electric sub-metering - three-phase electric meter - single-phase electric meters - lora sensor - lorawan sensor


Wireless LoRa® sensor allowing the electrical sub-metering of your building using 12 current measuring clamps.

Capteur Ambiance - mesure de température - capteur de luminosité - mesure d'humidité - détection présence - capteur Lora - capteur Lorawan


All-in-one sensor: Temperature measurement, indoor humidity measurement, presence detection and brightness measurement.

Passerelle LoRa - Concentrateur de données LoRa - Toolbox Ewattch - concentration données capteurs


LoRa® data concentrator to Ethernet and/or GPRS

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