Range of LoRa sensors and IoT gateways : LoRa® / LoRaWAN™ / EnOcean

Reliable and easy to use LoRa® sensors developed by our team of engineers with 10 years of experience in IoT solutions development.

The LoRaWAN™ technology allows to reach ultra long range communication distances with low power consumption and a very high level of data security.

Having a complete mastery of the IoT chain, choosing LoRa® Ewattch sensors is the guarantee of a successful project.

LoRa® / LoRaWAN™ sensors

Capteur Tyness Modular Ewattch

Tyness Modular LoRa®

LoRa® wireless and modular sensor allowing to combine up to 2 functions: current measurement, PT100 temperature, MBUS, Modbus RTU, AC current, DC current, optical sensor, … In addition to the LoRa® connectivity, it is available with an optional GPRS module.

Squid Ewattch sensor - electric sub-metering - three-phase electric meter - single-phase electric meters - lora sensor - lorawan sensor

Squid LoRa®

The SQUID is a LoRa® wireless sensor that allows you to quickly and easily sub-metering your single-phase or three-phase electrical installation with 12 current measuring clamps. 

Capteur Ambiance - mesure de température - capteur de luminosité - mesure d'humidité - détection présence - capteur Lora - capteur Lorawan

Ambiance LoRa®

4 functions in a LoRa® sensor: measurement of temperature, humidity, presence detection and brightness level. This sensor allows you to analyze indoor environmental data and study the traffic in your buildings. 

Ewattch - Capteur Ambiance - capteur de température, capteur de luminosité, capteur de presence, mesure taux CO2, mesure de satisfaction client, capteur d'humidité

Ambiance Feedback LoRa®

Multifunctional LoRa® sensor with satisfaction evaluation buttons. This sensor also allows you to control the quality of the interior spaces of your buildings: temperature, humidity, presence and luminosity.

Ambiance CO2 LoRa®

The Ambiance CO2 LoRa® is a sensor for monitoring the quality of ambient air and the use of interior spaces by your users: temperature measurement, humidity measurement, presence detection, and brightness measurement.

Capteur humidité et température - capteur température - capteur humidité - capteur Lora - capteur Lorawan - Ewattch

Ambiance Lite LoRa®

Sensor for measuring indoor temperature and humidity. Allows you to analyze the indoor environment of your buildings.

EnOcean sensors

Squid EnOcean

Squid EnOcean

EnOcean sensor for quick and easy sub-metering of your single-phase or three-phase electrical installation.

Capteur impulsionnel - Impulse Enocean - capteur enocean - compteur Enedis - compteur d'eau - compteur électricité - compteur thermique

Impulse EnOcean

EnOcean sensor with 2 pulse inputs (water meters, heat meters, etc.) and one input for ENEDIS meters.

IoT LoRa® Gateways / LoRaWAN™

Multitech - passerelle lorawan - concentrateur de données lorawan - passerelle ewattch - concentrateur de données ewattch

LoRa® / Lorawan™ Gateway

Gateway Multitech to concentrate data from wireless sensors LoRaWAN™ Ewattch or other manufacturers. Data is sent via Ethernet or GPRS.

Passerelle LoRa - Concentrateur de données LoRa - Toolbox Ewattch - concentration données capteurs

Toolbox LoRa®

The Toolbox is a data concentrator that is simple to implement. It allows you to retrieve data from LoRa® Ewattch wireless sensors (up to 100 sensors) and send them via Ethernet or GPRS.

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