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Ewattch has developed a wide range of cost-effective solutions that are quick to deploy. Innovative long-range wireless technologies allow the progressive equipment of industrial sites: one machine, one compressor and then the whole of one or several sites.

Gradually digitize your site, optimize production and improve industrial performance.

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Compatible solutions :

12-channel electrical sub-metering – LoRa

The squid makes it possible to carry out the sub-metering of electrical installations, single-phase or three-phase, simple and fast to implement.

3 or 6-channel electrical sub-metering

Real-time electrical sub-metering of an electrical installation or equipment in order to identify any anomalies or optimize operation.

Optical counting

Sensor carrying out an impulse counting with the help of indicator lights present on different meters (electric, heat, gas…).

Pulse Counting (ATEX)

Impulse sensor for remote reading of metering data from water, gas, electricity or heat meters.

Gateway for MBus meter

Sensor for remote reading and communication of up to 16 MBus meters (Max.)

Master ModBus Interface – LoRa

Wireless sensor communicating in ModBus RTU master. Compatible with a wide range of ModBus products, it allows you to collect accurate data, send orders or parameterize products remotely.

Analog and digital measurements

The TyNess product allows to perform several functions or analog measurements in one sensor and to transmit the data in real time. Compose your ideal sensor.

Machine Kit 4.0 – Connect your machines quickly and easily.

Transform and update an industrial machine in a few minutes with the “Machine Kit 4.0”. The simple and fast solution to optimize in real time the industrial performance and production costs of a machine park.

PLC to EwattchCloud

Library allowing PLCs with an internet connection to send their variables every minute to the EwattchCloud platform.

Walkways ModBus Esclave – LoRa

Allows the simple transformation and long-range wireless communication of any type of PLC with a ModBus RTU interface.

OPCUA Walkways

Configurable interface allowing wireless transfer of the selected variables on an OPCUA server to the EwattchCloud platform.

 2 in 1 sensor: Temperature / Humidity

The AMBIANCE-LITE sensor is used to measure temperature and humidity. The data is then transferred wirelessly over a very long range.

4 in 1 sensor: Temperature / Humidity / Brightness / Motion

Allows you to control air quality and the use of indoor spaces: temperature, humidity, presence, and luminosity measurements.

5 in 1 sensor: CO2 / Temperature / Humidity / Brightness / Motion

The AMBIANCE CO2 sensor monitors air quality and the use of indoor spaces: CO2, temperature, humidity, motion, and brightness.

User satisfaction sensor

Interactive survey sensor to collect user satisfaction + Temperature / Humidity / Motion / Brightness

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