3 or 6-channel electrical sub-metering

Enables real-time electrical sub-metering of an electrical installation or equipment in order to identify any anomalies or optimize operation.

Up to 6 measurement inputs

With 2 extension cards you can perform up to 6 current measurements. Carry out the sub-metering of your installation, without unwiring or modification.

Wireless Communication

Secure LoRa wireless link. Up to 15km communication distance in unobstructed view. GPRS version available.

Installation in minutes

No modification of the installation. Make your equipment communicating in less than 30 minutes.

6 sizes of clamps

From 10mm to 100mm diameter with max currents ranging from 75A to 3500A. No configuration required.


– Access to the electrical cabinet.
– Person with electrical clearance.
– LoRaWAN network or mobile network.

Use Case

Supervision of the various consumption stations of an industrial site or building.
Optimization of peripheral equipment: compressors, chiller, steam generator…
Prioritization of investments and monitoring of ROI.
Improvement of machine maintenance and detection of breakdowns.


Main board of the TyNess system allowing the connection of up to 2 additional boards.  Compatible LoRa® and LoRaWAN.

Same as above, with GPRS module, allowing direct communication with the EwattchCloud platform without using a gateway. The LoRa® module, also integrated, allows the concentration of up to 20 LoRa® wireless sensors from the Ewattch range.

Acquisition card with 3 current measurement inputs for clip-on clip.

Ditto, but allows to connect Rogowski loops for currents up to 3500A.

Measuring clamps :
TYNESS-CUR-1 : Ø10mm – 75A eff max
TYNESS-CUR-2 : Ø16mm – 100A eff max
TYNESS-CUR-3 : Ø24mm – 300A eff max
TYNESS-CUR-4 : Ø36mm – 600A eff max

Rogowski coils :
TYNESS-ROG-1 : Ø100mm – 3500A max
TYNESS-ROG-2 : Ø75mm – 3500A max