Simple and efficient supervision of industrial sites

SCADA new generation

No more complexity, Ewattch or a partner supports you to create wonderful supervision views. With EasyVision, your machine is animated at the rythme of Ewattch sensors.

New ways to visualize the data

On a screen in the hall of a building, in reality augmented on a machine, on the computer or the tablet of a production manager, EasyVision enables enhanced readability of data, by making it available to everyone, at the right time.

of the teams

Accessible to all the professions and services present in the company, the supervision enables to involve the teams and give them a sense of responsibility. Efficacy, productivity and cost reduction become everybody’s business.

Create amazing supervision views for your
workshop or your reception area!

A ready-to-use object library

The library comprised in the software integrates a large number of isometric elements.
It enables to recreate your workshop as close as possible to reality and to have
precise and complete supervision.

Eaysivion tableau de bord. - bibliothèque
sélection des éléments pour créer des tableaux de bords personnalisés

An intuitive tool

Ewattch or an Ewattch partner draws your factory or your building and creates personalized and animated objects using programming scripts.

Rapid integration

The implementation of your supervision views into the EwattchCloud dashboards is rapid and directly utilizable. You can also integrate your supervision view on your website.