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Ewattch develops LoRa® IoT sensors and applications for Industry 4.0 and Smart Building.

Based on innovative wireless technologies such as the LoRa® network, our offer is the guarantee of a scalable IoT solution, economical and quick to install.

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Industry 4.0

Connect your factory and your machine park in only 1 day using the IoT LoRa solutions developed by Ewattch.


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Compose your IoT LoRa solution using Ewattch technology bricks.

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IoT LoRa sensors

Connected industrial sensors perfectly adapted to the needs of industry 4.0 and smartbuilding. Integrating the secure LoRa® technology, the products developed by ewattch are scalable, reliable and powerful.


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In private or operated networks, Ewattch develops and masters secure and long-range IoT technologies, such as the LoRaWAN™ network, which is perfectly adapted to Smart Industry and SmartBuilding applications.


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Based on a powerful and secure IoT platform, Ewattch develops numerous applications for Plant 4.0 and smartbuilding. Industrial supervision, advanced


2020 NEWS

The Ambiance sensor brings together, in a single product, all the features you need to measure the use and attendance of buildings. Communicating in LoRa® or LoRaWAN™, it is at the same time: temperature sensor, light sensor, motion sensor, humidity sensor and many more!

Many options available :

CO2 measurement: 0 to 5000PPM

1 configurable information LED

Satisfaction evaluation keypad

Presence detection distance: 5m / 130° angle

Brightness measurement: 0 to 65535Lux

A LoRa®/LoRaWAN™ sensor perfectly suited for Industry 4.0 and smart building.

Ewattch - Capteur Ambiance - capteur de température, capteur de luminosité, capteur de presence, mesure taux CO2, mesure de satisfaction client, capteur d'humidité

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