Scalable, simple and powerful software.

Ewattch has developed an IoT platform, supervision, analysis and monitoring tools, adapted to your needs.

saas ewattch platform


Customizable dashboards,
and more than 40 widgets available

Quick to take in hand

Within a few hours, plant supervision is in place. Global vision, cycle times, machine status… All the data is visible on EwattchCloud and can be used quickly.

Remotely accessible

On site or remotely (computer, tablet, or mobile device), the global vision of the plant is accessible. The follow-up of the production becomes simple, fast and efficient.

Easily customizable

Dashboards and tools are adaptable and customizable (alerts, widgets…). A tool within everyone’s reach, to involve each sector of the company and optimize profitability.


Simple and efficient supervision of industrial sites

Tools for all needs

A need? A tool to meet it. Customizable dashboards allow you to adapt the tools to meet the objective.

Adapted to each service

Adapted to the different departments of the company (management, sales, workshops…), the tools provide analyses to help all departments evolve.


The ultimate interface for real-time OEE and improved industrial performance

Team – Field Interface

ProdConnect is an application to enrich, with the team in the field, the information provided by the sensors.

Involvement of the teams

Because the improvement of industrial performance is everyone’s business, ProdConnect integrates the teams in the improvement process.