Machine Kit 4.0 – Connect your machines quickly and easily

Transform and update an industrial machine in a few minutes with the “Machine Kit 4.0”. The simple and fast solution to optimize in real time the industrial performance and production costs of a machine park.

Installation in minutes

No modification of the installation. Make your equipment communicating in less than 30 minutes.

Real-time performance indicator

The intelligence embedded in the sensor enables real-time transmission of production information, such as operating status, TRS, number of cycles and cycle time...


Compatible with all references and machine models with a cycle time signal.

Wireless Communication

Secure LoRa wireless link. Up to 15km of communication distance in free fields.


The product is delivered ready to use thus reducing installation time.
The sensor can be easily configured and updated.

Quick and easy to install :
– Clip 3 measuring clamps on the power supply of your machine.
– Connect the counting input to the cycle start signal.

Several options are available to increase the possibilities of the product such as the addition of scrap counting.



Kit Machine ready to use communicating via the secure LoRaWAN network.ATTENTION: Requires an Ewattch gateway creating a LoRaWAN LAN.


Kit Machine ready to use communicating directly in GPRS to the EwattchCloud platform.
NOTE : Fully autonomous starter kit. No need for a gateway, it communicates directly over GPRS.