User satisfaction sensor

Interactive poll sensor enabling to collect information on user satisfaction

It also integrates the following readings: Temperature / Humidity / Motion / Brightness

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Poll function

Measurement of satisfaction in real time<br /> using 3 buttons available on the front.


Measures the occupancy rate of your buildings with the presence detection function of the sensor.


Measures the temperature of a room from 5°C to 60°C.


Measures the indoor humidity level of your building: from 0 to 100%.


Measures the interior brightness of your buildings.

Wireless communication

Secure LoRa wireless link. Up to 15km communication distance in unobstructed view


Replaceable batteries (autonomy up to 10 years).


– LoRaWAN Network

Examples of use

– Collect opinions in real time
– Satisfaction surveys in real time in places open to the public and retail areas
– Improvement of the comfort of the occupants
– Building ventilation and heating management


Wireless sensor to measure user experience using a front-panel satisfaction evaluation keypad. It also integrates the measurement of: temperature / humidity / motion / brightness.

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