Tyness Energy Ewattch Capteur

TyNess Energy

Industrial sensor IoT LoRa® Multifunctions to make all pulse counters, electronic counters and much more communicating…

With the help of a slot for an additional board, the TyNess Energy LoRa® extends its possibilities with new features: modbus, mbus, PT100, optical sensor, voltage measurement, current measurement, etc.

2 Pulse inputs

Two digital inputs allow to communicate with all types of meters with pulse output: water meter, electricity meter, calorie meter, etc.

1 input compatible with ENEDIS meters

An ICT input (customer teleinformation) allows communication with all existing ENEDIS meters: Blue, Linky, Yellow, SME-SMI...

1 expansion board: PT100, ModBus, Analogue

An extension allows to put an additional board in order to extend the capabilities of Tyness (PT100 temperature, MBUS, MODBUS, current measurement, voltage measurement, ...).

Several modes of communication

Choose from two long-range communication modes LoRa® or LoRaWAN™.


4 PT100 temperature measurement inputs.

Compatible with all PT100 type probes.


2 inputs for connecting optical sensors.


3 current measurement inputs for Rogowski coils.


MBUS interface with: water meters, heat meters, energy meter, gas meters,…


3 current measurement inputs for clip-on current clamps (not provided)


4 analog inputs to retrieve information from 4-20mA or 0-10V sensors.


2 inputs enabling data collection from all meter types with a dry contact pulse output.


2 inputs detecting -24V continuous voltage. Enables pulse counting, state detection or time counting.


2 inputs detecting 12-24V alternating voltage. Enables pulse counting, state detection or time counting.

Carte digital tyness quatre entrées pour remonter les données de tous types de capteurs


4 inputs for data feedback from all types of meters with pulse output such as dry contacts.


4 sensing inputs for DC voltage measurement 12-24V. Allows pulse counting, status detection or time counting.


4 inputs detecting the 12-24V AC voltage. Allows pulse counting, status detection or time counting.

Capteur modbus - modbus tcp - protocole modbus - modbus rtu - modbus maitre - modbus esclave - interface modbus


ModBus interface enabling communication in master or slave mode.


4 low power relay outputs for simple actions.


2 digital inputs 12-24V AC/DC compatible, 2 analog inputs 0-24V and 2 temperature measurement inputs per PT100 probe.


2 pulse counting inputs (dry contact)
1 customer teleinformation input (TIC)
1 slot for additional board


Wireless LoRa® or LoRaWAN™


Integrated or external as an option

External from 5VDC to 12VDC or with external 3.6vdc 19Ah battery pack available depending on the boards

GPRS Gateway

Supports 20 Ewattch sensors


Optional: Magnet / DIN rail/ Wall mount / Double sided tape.
(Waterproof box option available)


142 x 77 x 36 mm (H x L x P)

Operating temperature

From 0°C to + 50°C


EC and RoHs standard certification


IoT LoRa® multifunction industrial sensor with 2 inputs allowing data from all types of meters with an impulse output (water, electricity, calorie, …), a customer teleinformation input (TIC) allowing communication with all ENEDIS meters and 1 slot for an additional board.

Works with an external power supply or an external battery pack.
Compatible with LoRa® communication and LoRaWAN™.


Same as above, but with a GPRS module, allowing direct communication with a web platform (e.g. Ewattchcloud or third party platform) without a gateway. The LoRa® module, also integrated, allows the concentration of up to 20 LoRa® wireless sensors from the Ewattch range.

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