The ultimate interface for real-time OEE and improved industrial performance

Team – Field Interface

Prodtracker is an application to enrich, with the team in the field, the information provided by the sensors.

Involvement of the teams

Because the improvement of industrial performance is everyone’s business, Prodtracker integrates the teams in the improvement process.

Real time indicators and dashboards for your productivity !

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 Configuration according to your organization

Configure, for example, the causes of errors that you wish to monitor: maintenance, blockage, change of coil…

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 Monitoring of production

Monitor in real time the progress of a production and the data of each production.

Notification Notification of machine statuses

As soon as a change is detected, your teams are notified and invited to indicate the reason for it.

Status history !

Verify the data already given and complete any past events.

Analyser et agir Dashboard

Analyze and act !

Its simple and intuitive interface enables rapid management for unrivaled operational agility.

Improved organization of workshops, control of production and information on performance enable concrete and real progress for manufacturers.