Optical counting

Pulse counting sensor using indicator lights on different types of meters (electric, heat, gas…).

Tyness modular - Comptage optique - comptage impulsionnel
Rapid installation

Attach the optical sensor to the LED of a counter and immediately retrieve the consumption information


Battery life up to 10 years (replaceable batteries).

Wireless communication

Secured LoRa wireless link Communication range of up to . Up to 15km communication distance with unobstructed view.GPRS version available.


– Led flashing proportionally to the consumption.
– LoRaWAN network or mobile network.

Examples of use

Remote reading of electricity, water and heat meters…


Main board of the TyNess system allowing the connection of up to 2 additional boards. LoRa compatible.® et LoRaWAN.

Same as above, with GPRS module, allowing direct communication with a WEB platform (e.g. ewattchcloud.fr or third party platform) without using a gateway. The LoRa® module also integrated allows the concentration of up to 20 LoRa® wireless sensors from the Ewattch range.

Additional board and probe transforming light pulses into counts.

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