ModBus Slave

Make your old PLC smart with a ModBus RTU interface.

Available to everyone

A software program and a pre-configured ModBus table are provided in order to write the PLC variables. These data are automatically interpreted, transmitted and displayed on the EwattchCloud platform.

2 communication modes

Available in GPRS or LoRaWAN in private or managed network.

Real time visualization

The PLC variables can be interpreted every minute.

Wireless communication

Secure LoRa wireless link. Up to 15km communication distance in unobstructed view.


– PLC with RTU master interface
– PLC expert having the necessary software packages and cables
– LoRaWAN network or mobile network

Example of use

– Old and/or isolated PLC
– Visualization of the indicators of a production chain
– Make a PLC smart with a ModBus interface


Main board of the TyNess system allowing the connection of up to 2 additional boards.  LoRa compatible® and LoRaWAN.

Same as above, with GPRS module, allowing direct communication with a WEB platform (e.g. or third party platform) without using a gateway. The LoRa® module also integrated allows the concentration of up to 20 LoRa® wireless sensors from the Ewattch range.

ModBus interface to communicate in master or slave mode.

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