Master Interface

Wireless sensor communicating in ModBus RTU master, compatible with a wide range of products: Diris A40, Schneider PM3200, Spirax Sarco flow-meters…

Tyness Modbus
Plug & Play

Wide range of ModBus-compatible products. Free integration service.

Visualize the data of your existing ModBus products

Visualize the data of your ModBus products directly on a WEB platform, without programming and in a few minutes.


Can communicate with 8 products simultaneously. Command and configuration can be done remotely.

Wireless communication

Secure LoRa wireless link. Up to 15km communication distance in unobstructed view. GPRS version available.


– Compatible ModBus product : cf. Documentation
– LoRaWAN network or mobile network

Examples of use

Enables to make devices possessing a ModBus RTU slave interface into smart devices,
such as, for example:
– Chiller
– Nitrogen generator
– Air handling unit
– Electricity meter
– Calorimeter


Main board of the TyNess system allowing the connection of up to 2 additional boards.  LoRa compatible.® and LoRaWAN.

Same as above, with GPRS module, allowing direct communication with a WEB platform (e.g. or third party platform) without using a gateway. The LoRa® module also integrated allows the concentration of up to 20 LoRa® wireless sensors from the Ewattch range.

Additional board for the Tyness system to communicate in ModBus RTU.