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Gateway LoRaWAN™

Data Concentrator allowing to create a local network LoRaWAN™.

Thanks to our expertise and know-how in IoT, we have added to the Multitech gateway an Ewattch firmware facilitating the centralization of data from your various LoRaWAN sensors.

It communicates either by Ethernet or by 4G.

Rapid installation

The LoRaWAN™ gateway is quick and easy to deploy.

Communication in LoRaWAN™

Thanks to its communication mode in LoRaWAN™, this data concentrator can communicate up to 15km in unobstructed view.


The LoRaWAN sensor data is sent to the Ewattchcloud platform or a third party server.

Locally available data

The data is made available via a Modbus TCP link.


Integrated LoRaWAN™ Server


Ethernet port and 3G module (optional)


Save sensor data on SD card in case of Internet interruption


MultiTech concentrator with Ewattch firmware and Ethernet-only communication. It includes all the accessories needed to create your network. It sends the collected data to the Ewattchcloud platform or a third party server.


Same as above but with 4G communication.

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