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Impulse EnOcean

Impulse sensor that remotely reads water, gas, electricity or thermal meter data and communicates with ENEDIS meters.

The Impulse EnOcean sensor communicates with the ENEDIS meters: Blue, Linky (historical), Yellow, SME-SMI

1 counting input and 1 teleinformation input ENEDIS (TIC)

It is able to manage simultaneously the consumption information of a water meter and an ENEDIS meter.

EnOcean wireless communication

The Impulse sensor sends consumption data using the EnOcean wireless protocol, using a standard profile.

Low consumption

Optimized management of energy consumption, the sensor operates with a removable battery that powers it for up to 10 years. The Impulse can also recover energy from the teleinformation link.


1 dry contact pulse input and 1 TIC input

TIC Compatibility

Compatible with Enedis tariff meters: Blue, Linky (historic), Yellow, PME-PMI

Wireless communication



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Operating temperature

0°C to +50°C


5 modules

Power supply

Includes one power connector
Operation with battery types: CR2477N 3V – 950mAh for up to10 year

Sensor dimensions

96 x 50 x 21 mm (H x L x P)


EC and RoHs certification.


EnOcean sensor with 2 pulse inputs, 1 TIC and 1 external power connector.

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