The IoT platform for
connecting your machines rapidly !

ewattchcloud iot platform

Quick to take in hand

Within a few hours, plant supervision is in place. Global vision, cycle times, machine status… All the data is visible on EwattchCloud and can be used quickly.

Accessible even remotely

On site or remotely (computer, tablet, or mobile device), the global vision of the plant is accessible. Production monitoring becomes simple, fast and efficient.

Easily customizable

Dashboards and tools are adaptable and customizable (alerts, widgets…). A tool within everyone’s reach, to involve each sector of the company and optimize profitability.

Multi-Protocols/ Multi-Networks

Private LoRaWAN, Managed
MODBUS… No limits in the management of your flows.


Create several sites, add an unlimited number of users, and
easily configure their levels of


At the core of the priorities of Ewattch, the platform uses proven, secure technologies and servers hosted in France.

More than 30 widgets at your service!

Colonne Advanced

More than a diagram or a simple curve !
This widget enables to combine and
superimpose a large number of curves or
diagrams. You can also choose different levels of display according to the required details.

Colonne Advanced - graphique en bâton
Diagramme de Sankey et Sunburst

Sankey and SunBurst diagrams

Powerful tools enabling to visualize the distribution and hierarchization of the data flows, instantaneously and on different reading
levels. They are perfectly adapted to production and consumption data, in a workshop, a factory
or a company.

Real-time indicators

Verify instantaneously the status and the value of your indicators in real time.
Be alerted to any overshoot of temperature,humidity, or voltage by customizing the
background color according to different thresholds.

Heatmap exemple

HeatMap: Chronological view
of events

Monitor in the blink of an eye the weekly
evolution of an indicator or an operational
state. Evaluate, compare and improve the performance of the equipment or the respect of the instructions.