Squid EnOcean

Squid EnOcean

Electrical sub-metering of single-phase or three-phase electrical installations. Simple and quick to implement.

With its 12 clip-on current measurement clips, the Squid EnOcean is quick and easy to use.

The Squid also has a communicating version in LoRa®.

Installation in minutes

No modification of the electrical installation is necessary. Make your equipment communicating in less than 30 minutes.

12 measurement inputs by snap-on clamps

Installed in an electrical panel, the 12 clamps of the Squid allow you to carry out the complete sub-metering of your installation, without unwiring or modification.

4 sizes of clamps available

The Squid is compatible with several sizes of pliers of different diameters and powers.

Wireless communication

EnOcean wireless link. The EnOcean protocol is open and secure.


4 measuring clamp sizes available:
10mm, 16mm, 24mm and 36 mm.


600A max efficiency per clamp
For stronger currents, use a Rogowsky TyNess.

Precision class

5% maximum.


wireless LoRa or LoRaWAN.


5 standard modules (90mm).

Power supply

External connector 5VDC +/- 5%.

Operating temperature

0°C to +50°C


3 watts maximum


90 x 88 x 62 mm

Installation method

Mounted on DIN rail or wall


EC and RoHs standard certification

Single product


SQUID sensor for currents up to 600A, delivered without accessories and communicating through EnOcean wireless.



Kit including one SQUID-HC-EN, and one power supply with fixing on din rail 230VAC-5VDC (ref .: ALIMRAIL- 5V).

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