Electricity sub-metering 12 channels

Enables to perform electricity sub-metering in real time of an electrical installation or of a device so as to identify any anomalies and optimize functioning.

Squid sous comptage installation électriques monophasées- triphasées-simple
12 measurement inputs with clip-on clamps

Perform up to 12 current readings.Index and instantaneous.

Wireless communication

Secure LoRa wireless link. Up to 15km communication distance in unobstructed view.

Rapid installation

Your equipment rapidly becomes smart with no modification of the installation.

4 clamp sizes

From 10mm to 36mm in diameter, with currents ranging from 75A to 600A per phase.


– Access to the electrical cabinet.
– Person possessing an electrical authorization.
– LoRaWAN network on private or managed networks.

Examples of use

Analysis of consumption of chillers or of compressors.
Alert in the event of breakdown of a device.
Calculation and monitoring of the ROI.


KIT-SQUID-HC-LORAWAN : Kit including SQUID wireless sensor, antenna, and din rail power supply.

Measuring clamps available :
CURLAMP-HC-S1 : Ø10mm – 75A eff max
CURLAMP-HC-S2 : Ø16mm – 100A eff max
CURLAMP-HC-S3 : Ø24mm – 300A eff max
CURLAMP-HC-S4 : Ø36mm – 600A eff max