“The Industry of the Future and Ewattch Solutions” by Usine Nouvelle

01 October 2020

``Industry of the Future and Ewattch
Solutions`` by Usine Nouvelle

Discovery Kit Industry

Discovery kit industry

Why choose Ewattch?

The industry of the future is a wish for many industrialists, however they often see their ambitions slowed down because of too high costs, because of the heterogeneity of their machine park (difference in generations and models between machines), or because of their lack of knowledge of the IT tools that can be used.

As a result, this is where Ewattch comes in, with simple, universal solutions (adapting to all types of machines) and at lower cost to pass this milestone of Industry 4.0. From intelligent wireless sensors such as LoRaWAN to industrial performance monitoring applications:

EwattchCloud : evaluates, compares and improves on a weekly basis an indicator, operating status, equipment performance or compliance with instructions.

EasyVision : an industrial supervision tool in real time and “Userfriendly”.

Prodtracker : monitoring and optimization of production in real time.

Setting the course for the industry of the future

Among Ewattch’s solutions, the Usine Nouvelle also highlights the industrial starter kit, including an intelligent wireless sensor for the industry of the future and a one-year subscription to the supervision platform EwattchCloud. Ready to use, it allows to quickly sweep away any reticence that may remain in terms of functionality thanks to its quick installation in a few hours.

Finally, Ewattch and its network of GoldPartners support their customers throughout their projects: from the study to the implementation of applications and dashboards, as well as the commissioning of solutions.


You can find here the Publi-report of the Industry 4.0 file of the “Usine nouvelle” of 07/02/2020

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